Road hauling is a tough job. There’s miles of road from start to finish, and all along the way, that same road is covered with puddles, grease, oils and other grime that can impact not only the look of your haul vehicles, but also how well they run.

Get rid of this grime and make your trailers and trucks look great and run well with DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems. Our inventory includes hot- and cold-water pressure washers to blast away grime, as well as specially formulated detergents that can help tackle the most difficult soils and leave your vehicles looking shiny and new.

Find everything you need to keep your trucks and trailers running well with DSG.

Specialty Cleaning Products for Transportation

  • Choose from a variety of hot- and cold-water pressure washers
  • Portable units can easily move from one location to the next, taking cleaning power wherever you need
  • Design a wash bay for vehicles using LP or natural gas pressure washers
  • Small machine options deliver big cleaning power in a little space, allowing you to do more with less
  • Hotsy washers will blast away caked-on dirt, grease, grime and mud from the road
  • Powerful detergents help make your vehicles shine, making your brand look great on the road
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