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Dirt, grime and grease can do more than simply make a mess – they can lead to unhealthy and unsafe conditions and cause premature wear and tear on your vehicles, equipment and facilities. It’s important to keep things CLEAN – and DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems can help.

We know the importance of keeping on top of dirt, and with our pressure washers, steamers, floor care equipment and more, we can make sure you’re prepared to tackle any kind of grime. Choose products from leading names in the cleaning industry, including Hotsy, Kärcher, JRI, Steamericas, Veloci and more, all available at our locations in Kansas City.

We also know the importance of being able to trust that whenever you pull the trigger on your pressure washer, you’re getting the best possible clean. That’s why we offer our CLEAN Accountability Plan to help you get the best results day after day. Find out how we can help you stay on top of your maintenance, use the right detergents and accessories and clean more efficiently, effectively and safely.

DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems

CLEAN is more than just a word – it’s a mindset and an approach to your operations, designed to ensure that you’re working effectively, efficiently and safely every time you use your pressure washer.  

Effective Cleaning

Pressure and temperature produced by a pressure washer will decline as it is used. That’s why it’s important to keep your equipment maintained. We schedule maintenance on a regular schedule to keep your equipment running like new.

Efficient Working

Are you using the wrong detergent or could new accessories help you complete your cleaning jobs more efficiently? We can help identify opportunities to work smarter, not harder, and schedule service that works on your schedule.

Safe Operations

Accidents can happen when cleaning equipment isn’t properly handled or maintained. Our training ensures your team knows the best practices for using your equipment, and scheduled maintenance looks for failures before there’s an issue.

Costly Downtime? Not with CLEAN

We know that you’ve invested heavily in your equipment and rely on it working effectively, efficiently and safely day after day. With our CLEAN Accountability Plan, you get a partner who works with you to ensure that your machines are well-tuned and running like new every time you pull the trigger.

Industries Served:

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