Work Smarter with Optima Steamer

Are you a mobile wash operator? You may benefit greatly with an Optima Steamer in Kansas City. There are many advantages of steam, including that heat of the steam breaks up most of soil, grease and grime which will reduce the chemical consumption by up to 90%. Optima steam cleaners in Kansas City use a fraction of water and chemical, generating zero wastewater runoff. Continue reading to learn more how you can work smarter with Optima Steamer!

Work Smarter with Optima Steamer

Avoid Bureaucratic Headaches

Kansas City Optima steam cleaners’ efficiency makes it so much more than a car wash, but a revolutionary economical tool. With Kansas City Optima steam cleaners you can avoid the hassles of obtaining a car wash permit, allowing you to run your mobile operation with a simple business license. This means that most municipal requirements can be circumvented because the Optima Steamer provides a safe, eco-friendly, total washing system.

In addition, your business will be exempt from hefty fines or shutdown notices due to improper chemical or wastewater disposal.

The Optima’s environmentally and bureaucratically-sound design allows its owners to bid on and win many more contracts in cleaning and sanitation that would otherwise be completely inaccessible (parking structures, airports, gated communities/ business parks with no waste-water tolerance policy to name a few)!

Save your energy and time running away from citations, and start focusing on growing your business with the Optima Steamer in Kansas City.

Reduce Health Risks

The gentle, pure dry vapor steam penetrates the toughest and most delicate surfaces without the use of chemicals. A chemical-free, purified cleaning process will allow you to avoid the health risks of inhaling chemical fumes as well as the time-consuming task of cleaning up chemical waste. And on top of all this, stay dry while you wash and detail!

Optima Steam Cleaners in Kansas City

Are you shopping for an Optima Steamer? You can buy or rent one from us at DSG! Let us help you work smarter with the best Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment.