Winterize Your Pressure Washer

After a beautiful spring, summer, and fall using the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City for a variety of cleaning projects, it’s now time to winterize your pressure washer. Cold weather is the enemy of the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City as lower temperatures cause water to freeze up in your machine. If you don’t plan on using your machine very much this winter, then you need to winterize it and store it properly.


  1. Detach the water supply
  2. Attach a short hose to the garden hose connector and place the opposite end into a container of antifreeze
  3. Turn the machine on to flush the system with the antifreeze for several minutes and direct the hose back into the container to reuse the solution
  4. Open and close the trigger gun multiple times to flush the antifreeze through the unloader valve and relieve trapped pressure
  5. Place the detergent uptake line into float tank and open the valve to allow antifreeze into the detergent system
  6. After several minutes of displacing the water in your pressure washer with antifreeze, turn the machine off
  7. Disconnect the hose from the pressure washer and remove the coil drain plug and replace after the coil has drained
  8. Stabilize the gasoline in your machine by adding fuel stabilizer. This will ensure the gas doesn’t clog while the pressure washer is stored during the winter
  9. Check oil levels


Following all of the steps above is crucial if you plan to winterize your pressure washer in Kansas City. If you don’t want to worry about the winterization process, you can easily find the best pressure washer rental in Kansas City at DSG or bring in your pressure washer to the shop and have us winterize it for you.

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