Why Use Hot Water for Pressure Washing?

Fleet-washing1Hot water packs a powerful punch when added to the cleaning equation.

The energy from hot water reduces the surface tension integrity of grease and grime. This allows it to effectively penetrate grease and grime molecules at the molecular level.

The three key elements for hot pressure washers are: heat, agitation and soap.

Here’s how they work:

Heat – Creates a high-speed action that penetrates grime at the molecular level. The heat also aids in sanitation.

Agitation – The impact that comes from the water volume and pressure hitting the surface is similar to scrubbing a dinner plate in the sink.

Detergents – A detergent breaks the molecular bonds between the layers of surface, dirt and oil. Softening agents in the detergent allow the oil, grease and water to emulsify. When the elements no longer repel from one another, they can mix together. The emulsified elements release the trapped dirt and all are carried away in the wash water.

Hot water pressure washers bring together a perfect balance of all three of these elements: Heat, Agitation and Soap to deliver a cleaning knockout punch.

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