Why It’s Important To Use Soap When Cleaning

At a young age, we are all taught how to properly wash our hands – with soap and warm water. When we wash our clothes, we all know to use detergent. When we clean our dishes, we understand that soap and hot water is the most effective method at getting rid of grease and bacteria. When the COVID-19 pandemic first sent the world into a frenzy, the first things to leave the shelves (along with milk and toilet paper) were soap, hand sanitizer, and the best industrial cleaning detergents in Kansas City. As you can see, soap is an essential part of cleaning. At DSG, where we specialize in CLEAN, here’s why it’s important to use soap when cleaning.

Why It’s Important To Use Soap When Cleaning

How The Best Industrial Cleaning Soaps in Kansas City Work

We all know that the combination of soap and hot water is our best defense against invisible pathogens, but how exactly does soap work? For starters, soap is a combination of water, oil, and basic salt (alkali). When used in conjunction with water, the combination removes germs on surfaces. Whether it’s your hands, a dirty plate, or your clothes, soap molecules are what bind water and oil at the same time to get rid of the germs.

Importance of Soap and Hot Water

Like we mentioned above, we all know that cleaning with soap and hot water is more effective than cold water, but here’s why. Heat is what kills bacteria, so when it comes to disinfecting surfaces like our hands or dirty dishes, hot water is going to be the key to killing germs. This is why we recommend Optima Steam Cleaners in Kansas City to remove bacteria effectively. We also encourage using the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City with hot water and Kansas City industrial cleaning soaps for the best clean possible.

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