What You Need to Know About Hot Water Pressure 

If you are looking into the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, you will find there are both hot and cold water pressures available. While both models have the same capabilities, the temperature of the water makes a huge difference. Before deciding on which one to get, we are going to tell you what you need to know about hot water pressure.  

What You Need to Know About Hot Water Pressure 

Why Hot Water? 

When you shower, wash dishes or wash your hands, two essential ingredients are needed: soap and hot water. Notice how we didn’t just say “water” or “cold water?” As you probably know, hot water is what helps kill bacteria and removes oil from surfaces, unlike cold water. This same concept also applies when using the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City 

How Does It Work? 

If you want to deliver a perfect cleaning job using the best pressure washer rental in Kansas City, you need these three elements: heat, agitation, and soap. The heat from the hot water is what will help the best industrial cleaning soaps in Kansas City be the most active and effective due to its high-speed molecular action. Agitation will occur from the water volume and pressure hitting the surface, while the soap (also known as “detergent”) is what will break the grime from the surface.  

When To Use Hot Water? 

Use hot water when cleaning any surface with the best industrial surface cleaner in Kansas City that contains oil or grease, such as cleaning engines or automobile parts. Hot water is what’s going to actually remove the grease, whereas cold water will just move it around (and don’t forget the best industrial cleaning detergents in Kansas City)! 

Hotter Is Better 

Of course some surfaces require cold water, but our advice to you is that hot water in your water pressure will always be more effective and faster at cleaning than cold water.  

Are you ready to purchase the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City? Browse our website on the many hot water pressures we have available and which one will suit your needs and budget best. For questions, feel free to contact us!