What are the appropriate applications for hot versus cold water pressure washers?


Hot Water

If you are cleaning engines, automotive parts, or anything with oil or grease, you’ll need hot water. Grease and grime begin to breakdown at about 170 to 180 degrees.

Hotsy hot water machines are designed to produce temperatures 140 degrees above the incoming water temperature. Hotsy hot water machines include a thermostat so you can easily adjust the temperature of the water. Like your dishwasher, hot water “melts” grease and grime; cold water only moves it around.

Cold Water

When you have a simple project like blasting away sand, mud or even stripping paint, a cold water pressure washer will work just fine. Combined with detergent, a cold water pressure washer can be very effective in many applications.

The rule of thumb is: whatever cold water cleans, hot water will clean better and faster.

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