Wands That Make Cleaning More Efficient, Effective, and Faster

Wands That Make Cleaning More Efficient Effective and Faster

When it comes to cleaning with a pressure washer, wands are there to help you reach those difficult cleaning spots. Now we’re not talking about wands like the characters in Harry Potter use. Instead, we’re talking about wands that make cleaning more efficient, effective, and faster when you attach them to an industrial pressure washer 

Let’s say you are cleaning a fleet vehicle with the best industrial pressure washer. Trying to reach up high and down low to remove caked-on mud can become very challenging, especially if you don’t have a ladder handy or aren’t super flexible. This is where a wand comes in handy. When someone comes into our shop looking to buy the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, we always recommend purchasing a wand to go with it. The following are some of the most popular wands available: 


Push-Pull Wand 

The Push-Pull Wand is one of our favorite wands to use. With a max pressure rating of 3,050 PSI and max temperature rating of 300°F, the Hotsy Push-Pull Wand has a vented grip that can be pushed and pulled up to 90 degrees for hard to reach situations, including cleaning gutters, fenders, trucks, and heavy equipment. 

push pull wand 

Telescoping Wand 

With the Telescoping Wandthere is no need to use a ladder or lift to reach those areas that are difficult to access from the ground. With three available configurations, the Telescoping Wand allows you to reach up to 24 feet! Each wand is designed to be lightweight for ease of use and remains balanced under pressure for better user control. 

telescoping wand 

Dual Lance 

The Dual Lance Wand saves you time and effort by serving as a two nozzle-in-one wand with no need to switch between nozzles. This wand is excellent for pre-washing and rinsing surfaces, and it does not damage the surface you’re cleaning. 

dual lance wand


Simply attaching it to a standard wand, the Angle Wand makes it much easier to access hard-to-reach places as well. This wand is a good choice to use when cleaning underneath prep tables, conveyor lines, and gutters. 


Flex Wand 

The Hotsy Flex Wand’s 180 degrees of bend is perfect for odd angle cleaning. This wand has a max pressure rating of 2500 PSI, max temperature of 200°F, and ¼” galvanized pipe end sections. Rather than damaging a standard wand by bending or shaping it to meet the needs of your cleaning surface, the Flex Wand’s shape is easily molded in-hand to match the contours of your cleaning surface. 

flex wand 

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