Tips for Extending the Life of a Parts Washer

Purchasing a Kansas City parts washer is a significant investment, which is why regularly maintaining your parts washer is a smart idea. Servicing your machine will not only help it perform better, but it will also make it last longer. Here are some tips from DSG, Kansas City industrial parts washer seller from brands like JRI and Jenfab, for extending the life of a parts washer.
Tips for Extending the Life of a Parts Washer

Grease It

With a turntable system, greasing the center turntable bearing and the bearings that hold the drive shaft can help extend the life of the best industrial parts washers in Kansas City. How? It’s not uncommon for the bushings to dry out, which is why greasing it every so often can help keep it running. A parts washer motor can also benefit from a shot of grease every once in a while. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper greasing and frequency.

Check the Nozzles

Things like hard water and Kansas City industrial cleaning soapscan sometimes clog or form a layer of grime in the nozzles of parts washers. We recommend paying close attention to the nozzles and cleaning them whenever you notice them starting to clog. Flushing out the loose debris will not only help the parts washer run efficiently, but it will also clean your equipment and accessories better.

Drain the Machine

Oftentimes, dirt and grime can buildup at the bottom of a parts washer’s tank. This accumulation can ultimately insulate heaters, burn out the heaters, and also cause an inefficient transfer of heat. Draining the machine every once in a while is something we highly recommend to those who purchase one of our JRI parts washer in Kansas City, for example.

Check all the Parts

There are many pieces that make up a parts washer. In addition to checking the bottom tank for any dirt buildup, we also recommend checking the heating elements for hard water, ensuring the hinge bolts and nuts are tight, and checking for any possible rust. 

Schedule Maintenance with DSG

To ensure your Aqueous, Cuda, JRI, or Jenfab parts washer in Kansas City is running the way it should be, choose a scheduled maintenance plan with DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems. At every visit, our staff will conduct a thorough inspection of your Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment to help you work more efficiently and safely. Learn more about the benefits of a scheduled maintenance plan with DSG by giving us a call today at (816) 483-1580.