The Key To CLEAN Is pH

Have you ever wondered what influences how well a particular cleaning product or approach works on different surfaces and materials? Well, the key to CLEAN is pH. pH plays a significant role in how successful a cleaning job is.  

The Key To CLEAN Is pH

What Is pH?  

Potential of hydrogen (pH) indicates whether a solution is acidic or alkaline (basic). The pH of something is measured on a 14-point scale, with a pH of seven being neutral. Anything less than seven is considered acidic, and anything higher than seven is basic.   

How pH Works 

Understanding how pH works can be confusing, so we will try and explain it as best as we can. Basically, pH values are measured logarithmically, even though a numerical value is assigned to determine whether something is acidic or alkaline. For example, if a product has a pH of five, it is ten times more acidic than something with a pH of six. Make sense?  

How Does pH Relate To Cleaning? 

Before you clean something, it is important that you first assess the material or surface. This will help you determine whether you should use an acidic solution or an alkaline solution, as not every material can be cleaned the same way. 

Acidic Solutions 

When you want to get rid of minerals, salts, oxides, dirt, and other similar substances, an acidic solution is the answer. Detergents and soaps that are considered acidic are also ideal at cleaning and brightening metal surfaces.  

Alkaline Solutions 

On the other hand, alkaline solutions are best used to wash away grease, oil, and fat off surfaces. Most industrial cleaning soaps and day-to-day soaps are on the alkaline end of the pH spectrum. Think of your laundry soap and dish detergent.  

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