Optima Steam Cleaners (Steamers)

  • In general, viruses can be deactivated at 80°C/176°F (temperature of surface contact) in less than a second. At 70°C/158°F, the surface must be exposed for an extended time. To achieve this, steam must be contained (such as steam tenting). For spray and wipe cleaning methods (which is likely to give inconsistent exposure to the lethal temperature) chemical products must be accompanied and used correctly to properly disinfect against the novel coronavirus.
  •  The Optima Steamer is proven to kill other types of microorganisms (validation data available here) under the right protocols and can be marketed for its general cleaning and sanitation power, but in conjunction with a registered EPA product proven effective against the novel coronavirus.

Steam Gun Comparisons
Incorporating Dry Vapor Steam into Disinfection Processes against COVID-19