Steamers vs Pressure Washers

When looking for the best cleaning equipment rental in Kansas City, you have the option between steam cleaners and an industrial pressure washer. There are many notable differences between steam cleaners and pressure washers, so it’s good to know how both operate before making your Kansas City cleaning equipment rental purchase. Are you ready to learn? Steamers vs Pressure Washers… which one is best?

steamers vs pressure washer

Optima Steamer in Kansas City

With Optima steam cleaners, you only need as little as one gallon of water to complete your cleaning job. Steam sanitizes exceptionally well due to the water heating past the boiling point, thus eliminating the need to buy Kansas City mobile cleaning solutions. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions and exposure to chemical solutions. In addition to being an effective sanitizer, steam cleaners are also very cost-efficient, both in how they operate and not needing detergent. They also reduce water usage and eliminate the concern about wastewater. The gentleness of steam cleaners make them ideal to use on surfaces that children and animals come in contact with and surfaces that require a lighter cleaning touch, such as glass, carpet, tile, and siding.


Industrial Pressure Washer

Where steam cleaners rely on heat, the Kansas City best pressure washer rental relies on power. Pressure washers deliver an extreme force of high-velocity water onto hard-to-clean surfaces. Some examples where a pressure washer is more effective than a steamer include concrete, patios, factory floors, commercial and residential buildings, large automobiles, and surfaces with caked-on-mud, grease, and oil. A pressure washer is also ideal for hard-to-reach places and for covering large areas in a short amount of time. Unlike Optima steam cleaners, an industrial pressure washer can use the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City to ensure a complete clean, especially on greasy surfaces.


Picking the Right Tool

Now that you better understand the difference between a steamer and pressure washer, it’s time to figure out where and what you will be using your tool on. Do you need something that is more gentle but effective, something for disinfecting surfaces, or something that doesn’t require the use of cleaning agents? Then we suggest going with a steam cleaner. Do you need something to clean tough surfaces, require extreme pressure, and can clean large areas quickly? Then you will benefit more from the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City.