So You Think You Know How to Wash?

Cleaning a wash bay or even just your everyday car requires a lot of water and the best industrial cleaning soaps in Kansas City. But what exactly does foam do during the cleaning process?

So You Think You Know How to Wash?

What Is Foam

We’ve all seen foam before, but not many of us have stopped to understand what foam is and how it forms. As you know, foam occurs when we mix Kansas City industrial cleaning soaps and detergents with water. However, it’s much more than that. Foam is actually created because of the chemical reaction between soap, water, and air. Its ability to cling to surfaces makes it a very effective way to clean when it is formed.

Making foam out of the best industrial cleaning detergents in Kansas City, rather than plain soap, sticks on surfaces much longer, which is especially ideal for cleaning surfaces with mud, grease, oil, and other caked-on grime.

Making the Best Foam

To get the most out of foam, we recommend investing in Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment, specifically the Hotsy Foam Cannon. This attachment connects to the end of the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City to help deliver a more powerful foam job. We also suggest applying a powerful detergent that will create a large volume of foam, such as Hotsy Defoamer.

How to Wash With Foam

When applying foam, be sure your surface is dry and start from the bottom up. Once your foam has been applied, you will then rinse from top to bottom. This is the best method of cleaning to get the most out of your foam.

Get Foamy With DSG

If your attempts at cleaning with foam haven’t gone as well as they should, the team at DSG can help you. We sell and rent the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City, as well as carry a wide range of degreasing detergents in Kansas City, attachments, and pressure washers. Shop our products on our website or call us at 816-483-1580 to find the best solution to your cleaning problem.