Removing Graffiti With a Pressure Washer

This past June, one of Kansas City’s greatest treasures and the country’s only National WWI Museum and Memorial was vandalized with spray paint. Not only was it an illegal act, but it was also a disgrace to the men and women who served. To assist in the removal, our owner, Stephen Haith, volunteered his time and resources to restore the memorial back to its beauty. Removing graffiti is no easy task, and it requires the use of a pressure washer. If you’ve found your property to be vandalized, don’t worry. In this post, we’ve put together some tips for removing graffiti with a pressure washer. 

Removing Graffiti With a Pressure Washer

Removing Graffiti

Before using your pressure washer or pressure washer rental, it is best that you first know what kind of surface you are working with. Different surfaces will react differently to cleaning agents.  


Fortunately, most graffiti can be removed without the help of chemicals. However, in some instances, you may need them to help loosen the paint. If you do use chemicals, it’s suggested that you lower the PSI to around 80 to get the surface level of the graffiti and avoid leaving any stains. For the best chemical, we recommend the Taginator graffiti remover in Kansas City. It removes even the most stubborn of spray paint!  


Once the Taginator graffiti removal in Kansas City is applied, you can then raise the PSI and start pressure washing. For best results, start spraying about two feet away and slowly move closer the more the paint begins to wash off. 

At DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems, we know the importance of clean. From pressure washers, floor care equipment, Steamericas in Kansas City, and Cuda parts washer in Kansas City, we make sure you’re prepared to tackle any kind of dirt and grime, like graffiti! If your property has been vandalized and you don’t have the necessary equipment to remove it, you can rent or purchase a pressure washer from DSG. 

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