Aqueous Parts Washers

Aqueous parts washers are a convenient and time-saving tool in a wide range of industries and working environments. Whether used to wash a mechanic’s tools in a truck repair shop or manufacturing facility or used by farm and agricultural workers to wash and sanitize cages or animal supplies, a parts washer can lighten the workload and allow your team to get more done every day.

Inside a parts washer, powerful spray jets use pressurized hot water and biodegradable detergents to clean parts at the push of a button. All you have to do is load the washer, set the timer and walk away. When you return, your items will be clean and ready to go back to work.

Our selection of JRI Industries aqueous parts washers feature a small footprint, making them easy to fit into nearly any work environment. These washers are also available in either a front-loading or top-loading design, allowing you to choose the configuration that is best suited to your workspace. Units are also available in a number of different sizes to accommodate large and small volume needs, as well as with different electrical configurations to work with the connections available in your facility.

Aqueous Parts Washers Save Time and Money

Aqueous parts washers help make operations more effective and efficient, as well as safe by removing the need to scrub parts by hand using caustic or harsh cleaning solvents. Plus, with the “set it and forget it” simplicity of these machines, your team can work on other jobs instead of spending time cleaning parts and tools by hand.

Parts washers also offer oil skimming and debris filtering capabilities, making management of dirty water and runoff a thing of the past. Simply connect to a sump pump and dispose of the gunk and grime easily without needing to worry about filtering and treating wastewaters.

Aqueous parts washers are a great way to keep working CLEAN and improving productivity, performance and safety in your daily operations.

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