Water Broom

Product Features

  • Available Configurations:
    • 12″ – 3 Nozzle
    • 16″ – 4 Nozzle
  • Max Pressure Rating: 4000 PSI
  • Fits any 1/4″ wand

Save time and energy cleaning your garage, driveway, shop floor or parking lot with the Hotsy Water Broom. The Hotsy Water Broom takes advantage of your Hotsy’s high-pressure and pushes dust, dirt, grime, mud and road debris off your flat surface, leaving you with a clean slab. To keep debris from splashing backwards on clean surfaces, the Water Broom’s casters swivel and spin a full 360-degrees, so no matter which direction you need to move, the Water Broom’s nozzles face one direction.

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