Flame 115 Infrared Heater

Model Overview:

  • 115,160 BTU
  • 99.9% combustion efficiency
  • 13.4-hour runtime/11.35-gallon fuel capacity
  • Runs on kerosene, #1 Diesel, #2 Diesel or jet fuel
  • Only 92 lbs.
  • Low noise level
  • Power supply: 120V, 1PH, 60HZ
  • Remote thermostat option

Offering portable infrared heat for warehouses, construction sites, industrial sheds and more, the Flame 115 Infrared Heater features a metallic forced air insulation pocket between the combustion chamber and the external protection cone. Cooling air is blown through this pocket by a burner fan, an innovation that helps burn off combustion residues – a process that guarantees clean combustion with 99.9% efficiency. This design also allows the Flame 115 to overcome the fragility and brittleness problems that affect the ceramic cones used by heaters from well-known competitors. Radiant heaters are the most fuel-efficient space heaters on the market, so the Flame 115 can help you stay warm while saving you money.

Flame 115 Spec Sheet

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Features & Benefits

  • Approved for construction & agriculture
  • CSA approved
  • Directional cone locking mechanism
  • Built-in oil burner with gear pump
  • Electronic flame control unit with metal casing
  • Screw-on fuel gauge
  • AISI 309 L stainless steel cone
  • Shockproof polythene fuel tank
  • Fuel tank drain plug
  • Automatic post-ventilation cooling cycle
  • Extendable sliding floor shield
  • Remote thermostat plug
  • Patented triple cone design
  • 8” reinforced plastic wheels