Legacy Revolution Turbo Nozzle (4.0 size)

Model Overview:

  • Engineered to increase the impact pressure by more than 10 times that of conventional nozzles
  • Rated for up to 4,350 PSI at 185°F
  • Spray rotates at an astounding 4,000 RPM
  • Delivers faster and deeper cleaning action for the same price of 3,000 PSI rotary nozzles!

This zero-degree nozzle delivers incredible cleaning power – as much as 10 times the impact pressure of conventional nozzles. This accessory can make quick work of the toughest stains, delivering a fast, thorough and effective clean.

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Greater Cleaning Power: The Revolution is engineered to increase the impact pressure by more than 10 times that of conventional nozzles!

Longer Operating Life: The Revolution’s operating life is extended significantly by its wear-resistant ceramic nozzle and bearing ring.

More Durable and Versatile: The Revolution features an extra-resilient housing protector is capable of handling a stream of up to 4350 PSI at 185°F.

Hotsy Part Number: 374232 or SAP Part Number 9.302-243.0