Hog Manure Treatment

Product Overview:

  • Dramatic and rapid reduction of odors – inside and outside of buildings
  • Chemically influences aerobic digestion of manure
  • Reduces hazardous gases for both pigs and humans
  • Helps maintain healthier and calmer animals
  • Increases nitrogen value of manure, lowering fertilizer costs
  • Fewer flies as a result of destroying the egg-laying habitat
  • Faster pumpouts and increased volume of slurry removal

Hog Manure Treatment solution helps to speed up the natural decay process of manure, allowing for faster digestion of wastes and minimizing the release of nitrogen and hydrogen. This helps make healthier conditions in pens and overall happier and calmer animals. The solution is applied to the liquid portion of a manure pit in multiple locations, using an injection pipe if needed for crusted pits. Hog Manure Treatment is delivered ready to use and is OSHA, WHMIS and GHS compliant.

Hog Manure Treatment SDS Sheet

Hog Manure Treatment Brochure 

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