Dry Cow Sealant

Product Overview:

  • Effective formula
  • Advanced skin care
  • Polymer sealant stays flexible to prevent cracking
  • Quick drying
  • Long-lasting, time-released chlorine dioxide protection
  • Ready to use – bright blue formula
  • Easy to spot and easy to use
  • No mixing
  • Conditioning ingredients
  • Vitamin E and aloe
  • Conditions and protects during dry off period

Dry Cow Sealant is an effective, skin-protecting solution for use in dairy operations. It should be applied using a dedicated container or cup, and any unused solution should not be saved or poured back into the original container. The bright blue color makes it easy to identify and use, and Dry Cow Sealant is OSHA, WHMIS and GHS compliant.

Dry Cow Sealant SDS Sheet

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