Cuda 2840 Series

Model Overview:

  • Vertical seal-less pump – positive flow and no vibrations
  • Easy to service when needed
  • Removable debris screen prevents small parts from falling into the sump during wash cycle
  • Oil skimmer automatically removes and collects free oils, prolonging life of wash water (standard feature)
  • Built-in wheels allow the parts washer to be moved easily about the shop
  • Operating Temperature: 150º to 170ºF
  • Sump Capacity: 50 gallons
  • Working Height: 40”

The Cuda 2840 is the next step up in front-loading aqueous parts washer models. The 2840 features a turntable diameter of 28 inches, working height of 40 inches, and load capacity of 750 lbs. The 2840 Series also can produce 50 GPM at 45 PST with a 3 HP vertical seal-less pump.

Cude 2840 Series Specification Sheet

Cude 2840 Series Operating Manual

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Cuda-Model-2840-parts-washerCuda front-loading aqueous parts washers are the safe, automatic, solvent-free parts washing solution. Rugged, high-capacity Cuda aqueous parts washers use pressurized hot water and specialized industrial detergents to safely blast away dirt, grease and grime while you’re doing more productive work.

Why Should You Consider a Cuda Parts Washer?

Eliminates Harsh Solvents – Cuda aqueous parts washers eliminate the use of hazardous solvent cleaners providing a safe and easy solution to washing parts.

Reduce Manual Labor – Why waste time cleaning parts manually? With a Cuda parts washer, you simply load the dirty parts, close the door and push start. It’s that simple! A single Cuda aqueous parts washer can typically support three to four technicians or mechanics, who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand.

Money Saving Solution – By managing your technicians’ time more effectively, Cuda allows them to focus on more revenue-producing work, which means your Cuda parts washer could pay for itself in less than one year.