Blue Post Teat Dip

Product Overview:

  • Patent pending, one-part chlorine dioxide formula
  • No mixing
  • Long shelf life – one year
  • Gentle to animal skin, no burning
  • Contains no NPE
  • Post dip
  • Powerful, effective disinfectant
  • Easy to use / train
  • Reduce errors
  • Distinctive blue indicator
  • Stains teats blue
  • Definitive indicator for proper dipping

Blue Post Teat Dip is a ready-to-use formula that is OSHA, WHMIS and GHS compliant for use on farms. It has a distinctive blue color and emits a sweet scent, making it easy to identify and use in your operations. It can be applied as a spray or dip, and also works for foam applications.

Blue Post Teat Dip SDS Sheet

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