Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips Made Simple

Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

Just like most equipment, regular maintenance is essential to high-quality results – and when it comes to the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, there is no exception.  Maintenance needs will vary among every pressure washer; however they all require general cleaning. Here at DSG, where we sell and rent the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City, we’ve put together a few easy pressure washer maintenance tips to keep yours running smoothly.

Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips Made Simple

Proper Storage

Proper storage is a critical piece in the maintenance of thebest cleaning equipment rental in Kansas City. Always store a pressure washer in a dry area, away from freezing temperatures and heat sources. When putting your pressure washer away for the season, it’s recommended to drain the oil and treat the gas tank with a fuel stabilizer. Lastly, always ensure the water in the pump is flushed out to avoid any damage.


Only Use Designated Detergents

Pressure washers are designed to handle only designated detergents and soap, as non-designated liquids can severely destroy the machine and pumps. This is why Hotsy offers a complete line of specially formulated, biodegradable pressure washer detergents to clean even the dirtiest of surfaces that won’t harm the machine. For the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas Cityfor your pressure washer, contact us at DSG.


Always Check Gas and Oil Levels

Anytime you use Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment, you should always check the gas and oil levels. Even if you only used your pressure washer for just a few hours, it’s recommended that you refill it with fresh oil. Also, never overfill the oil and gas tank levels.


Ensure No Clogged or Damaged Pieces

There are quite a few parts of a pressure washer to check for buildup or corrosion. Before and after every use, always inspect your machine for any possible damage. For example, water left in the pump can eventually corrode and create mineral buildup, ultimately ruining it. This is why it’s essential to flush it after every project. Additionally, never leave soap or detergent in the dispenser, as this can also cause damage to the pump. Other places to check include the spark plug, air filter, fuel system, spray tips, and cooling vents.


Scheduled Maintenance with DSG

With proper usage and storage, you can easily avoid any such damage to your pressure washer. This is why we created a scheduled maintenance program to help you get the most out of your Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment! With every visit, our staff will conduct a thorough inspection of your machine and ensure it’s in the uppermost condition. For more information about our available pressure washers or Kansas City cleaning equipment rental, give us a call at (816) 483-1580.