Options for Cleaning with Kärcher Cleaning Solutions

Indoors or outdoors, cleaning the surfaces we walk on isn’t always the easiest task. From dirt and grime build-up, it can feel impossible to keep your floors clean. Luckily, with the many options for cleaning with Kärcher Cleaning Solutions, cleaning floors has never been easier! At DSG, where we sell some of the best Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment, including Kärcher floor care in Kansas City, we’ve compiled a list of some options of surface cleaning equipment available.

Options for Cleaning with Kärcher Cleaning Solutions


Sweepers, like the KM 70/20 C Compact Floor Sweeper, offer a fast and convenient clean. Unlike traditional broom sweeping, this machine is safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Not all models are the same, as some are manual while others are battery powered. Sweepers come in compact, walk-behind, ride-on, and industrial styles. The type of space you are cleaning will depend on which type you should get. For help deciding which kind of Kärcher floor care in Kansas Cityis best for you, feel free to contact the professionals at DSG.



For floors that require more than just a sweep, Kärcher also has an incredible line of floor scrubbers. Scrubbers like the BD 50/50 C Classic Bp Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber are a powerful piece of equipment that offers more cleaning capability than both sweepers and the traditional mop. The BD 50/50 C Classic Bp, for instance, is very easy to operate and provides a solid cleaning performance of 13,300 square feet per hour.

Whether you are looking for a Kansas City Kärcher floor care cleaning equipment for more compact spaces or large factories and buildings, there are multiple sizes and types of scrubbers available.


Find Kansas City Kärcher Floor Care at DSG

At DSG, we offer a full range of Kärcher floor care options – from sweepers to scrubbers. We also have an array of some of the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City and offer Kansas City cleaning equipment rental. Give us a call today!