Most Common Pressure Washer Problems pt. 1 

Do you hate your pressure washer? We understand. Pressure washers are an incredible cleaning tool, but are like a pet that can’t talk to tell you it’s sick. DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems has a few suggestions to check out on your best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City. Here are some of the most common pressure washer problems and solutions we address daily.  

 Nozzle and Spray Gun Not Working 

In order to achieve a high-pressure spray with the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City, you’re going to need a working nozzle and spray gun. If yours is failing to work, there are a couple of things you can try to fix it. 

  • Ensure that everything is tightened and nothing is loose 
  • Check for any damage to the hose 
  • If anything is clogged, such as the spray gun or inlet screen, wash it out 
  • Replace any damaged or old O-rings 

Low Pressure 

The best pressure washer rental in Kansas City is supposed to give you a high-pressure cleaning job. If you notice that the pressure is low, some reasons may include insufficient water supply, a blocked water filter, or that you are using the wrong nozzle.   

  • Check for any kinks or damage in the hose 
  • Remove debris from the water filter 
  • Replace your current nozzle with the correct one 

 Pulsing Pressure 

If you notice that the pressure from the best cleaning equipment rental in Kansas City is pulsing, as in going from high pressure to low pressure, there are a few solutions.  

  • Replace a faulty pump 
  • Release pressure by squeezing the gun by turning off the machine, not the water supply 
  • Clean any obstructions in the nozzle, water inlet, or spray wand 

 Motor Not Starting  

There’s nothing more frustrating than a motor that doesn’t start, as there could be an endless amount of problems at hand. If you’re having a difficult time getting the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City to start, try these solutions that have been successful for most people: 

  • Remove all air from the water pressure hose by running water through it 
  • Replace or clean the air filter if it is dirty or damaged 
  • Ensure the oil level is where it needs to be. It may need to be changed 
  • Top off or replace the fuel in the tank if it has been more than 30 days since it was last changed 
  • Check that the spark plug and wire is connected. Replace the spark plug if it is damaged 
  • Move the choke to the correct position 

 Water Leaking from the Pump 

Water leakage from the pump is quite frustrating. If this is your current problem, here are some solutions: 

  • If the seal is damaged in any way, you will need to replace it 
  • Ensure that all parts and bolts are tightened  
  • Inspect the pistons and O-rings. If these are worn or broken and letting water escape, you will need to replace them 

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