Masks That Are Safe From Coronavirus

Masks That Are Safe From Coronavirus

As we continue to wait for new information on how to protect ourselves from getting COVID-19 and for a vaccination to emerge, we are all doing what we can to avoid it and prevent it from spreading. In addition to handwashing, practicing social distancing, and investing in the best industrial cleaning equipment, you can keep yourself safe by wearing a face mask in public. But what masks are effective at offering ultimate protection against the spread of COVID-19? The following are just some masks that are safe from coronavirus.

N95 Mask

N95 masks, also called N95 respirators, are medical devices that are designed to prevent exposure to airborne particles and tiny droplets that are in the air. Because these masks are currently in short supply and high demand, the CDC recommends that the general public does not wear them. N95 masks are needed to be reserved for health care professionals and first responders.

Cloth/Paper Masks

According to the CDC, cloth and paper masks are ideal for the general public to wear. These masks are known to slow the spread of COVID-19, are easy to make, are washable, and inexpensive. You’ve likely seen the majority of people in public wearing a cloth or paper mask made out of various materials. When it comes to these types of masks, the CDC suggests making sure they are made of densely woven cotton fabrics rather than stretchy knit fabric. The fewer holes you see, the more effective it will be to filter droplets.

Face Shield

A face shield is a clear piece of rigid plastic that is attached to a headband and covers the face. You have likely seen health care providers and dentists wear a face shield before. These kinds of masks are primarily used for eye protection since they do not provide enough protection from respiratory droplets since the mouth isn’t fully covered. Because of this, the CDC recommends not substituting a mask for a face shield. If you do wear a face shield, you should wear a mask that covers your mouth with it.

Wear Your Mask!

Masks help people who have, or unknowingly have, COVID-19 from spreading to others. For more information about what the CDC says regarding masks, check out their website here.

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