No matter what you manufacture or produce, dirt is always a byproduct. Whether you deal with grease and oil, dust and dirt, or paint and sawdust, there’s always a mess to clean up at the end of the day.

DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems offers a number of options to help you make it easy to keep up with these and other soils. Powerful pressure washers, industrial parts washers and industrial cleaning detergents all can make quick work of dirt, helping you stay CLEAN.

A CLEAN operation is a safe operation, and helps you run more effectively and efficiently every day. Stay ahead of dirt with DSG.

Specialty Cleaning Products for Manufacturing

  • Hotsy pressure washers are versatile, whether you need to clean equipment, machinery or shop spaces
  • LP gas-fired washers are compact and portable, making them easy to use in narrow or confined areas
  • Top- and front-loading industrial parts washers can make cleaning your tools, parts and small accessories a breeze
  • Specially designed industrial cleaning detergent formulas are made to remove paint, grease, oil and more
  • Kärcher floor care products can get rid of soils and greases on your shop floor, making work safer and cleaner
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