Know How To Prevent Injuries On The Job

Keeping your work equipment in good condition is very important in preventing severe injuries to your employees. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best practices to help you and your employees know how to prevent injuries on the job when working with cleaning equipment, like an industrial pressure washer 

Know How To Prevent Injuries On The Job

Wear Safety Gear 

Wearing the right safety gear is critical when cleaning with pressure washers or mobile cleaning solutionsWhile it may seem pointless, wearing the right clothing is one of the best ways to prevent injuries from occurring. You never know when loose debris might be thrown at you when using a pressure washer or when you will come in contact with a toxic detergent, so wearing protective gear will keep you safe and not get injured.  

Do Not Avoid Safety Features 

Safety features on industrial pressure washers are there for a reason. Disabling or turning off a safety feature can easily injure you and cause significant damage to the equipment, as well as the surface you are cleaning 

Use the Right Nozzle 

Just like using the right tool and piece of equipment for the job is essential, so is using the right nozzle. There are a variety of nozzles available, but they all function differently. Using the wrong nozzle can easily strain the pressure washer and permanently damage the surface you are cleaning. Check out our blog on knowing which nozzle to use for your cleaning project here. 

Avoid Using a Worn Hose 

The hose of a pressure washer carries water from the source to the pressure washer and through the wand. However, hoses are constantly moved around and exposed to chemicals, heat, and detergents, making it vulnerable to damage and becoming worn. Even though these hoses are very resilient, it’s not uncommon for them to hit something and form a small hole. This is why inspecting your equipment before each use is crucial to avoid serious injury from high-pressure water. 

Invest In The Best Industrial Pressure Washer in Kansas City 

The easiest way to prevent serious injuries on the job and keep your employees safe is to invest in the best industrial pressure washer. Settling for an inexpensive pressure washer will leave you needing costly repairs, a poor cleaning job, and possible injury. 

Contact DSG for Scheduled Maintenance 

While not every equipment failure is preventable, many of the common breakdowns occur from worn-out components or poorly maintained parts. Keeping up with routine maintenance for your equipment can identify problems before they become an issue, helping to maximize uptime and reduce inefficiency and poor efficacy. Choose DSG to work with for all of your Kansas City mobile cleaning solutions needs. We know CLEAN – and we know that your priority is to keep running efficiently, effectively and safely. With our scheduled maintenance plan, we work to perform work that scales with your usage. Give us a call at 816-483-1580