Introducing the New Orca Parts Washer

Jenfab releases their new Orca Parts Washer! As an industry leader in the parts washer industry, Jenfab continues to manufacture the best aqueous parts washers for businesses that have rigorous cleaning standards. DSG is excited to share this announcement, as we are proud to represent the Jenfab parts washer in Kansas City.

Jenfab Releases Their New Orca Parts Washer

Orca Roll-In Door Parts Washer

If you have shopped our web site before looking for a Kansas City parts washer, then you have noticed our variety of Jenfab parts washers. Here’s some of the features that make the Jenfab Orca stand out from the rest.


This new Kansas City industrial parts washer offers superior cleaning options compared to manually cleaning parts. The Jenfab Orca parts washer, and some other Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment we offer, is ideal for both heavy and light cleaning and fits very well in small spaces. Some features of the Orca include a sprocket-driven turntable to enhance cleaning performance, an oil skimmer to extend solution life, an automatic water fill for peak performance every clean cycle and a seven-day programmable timer to help save time and money programming the heat and oil skimmer.

The Orca also features:

  • Precision V-Jet Brass Nozzles
  • Mechanical Door Seals
  • Forklift Access Pockets
  • Chip Basket
  • One Hour Wash Timer
  • Swing Down Spray Bar
  • Vertical No-Seal Pump
  • Low Water Shut-Off System
  • Overfill Drain

The Orca also comes in three standard sizes – 25”, 31”, and 36”.

Learn More About Parts Washers

Here at DSG, we offer various Kansas City industrial parts washers from Jenfab. Parts washers are one of the best ways to improve productivity and performance in your daily operations. And, Jenfab’s Orca roll-in door aqueous parts washer offers superior cleaning that can pay for itself by reducing labor costs. Ready to learn more about how one of the best industrial parts washers in Kansas City can help you clean better? Give us a call at (816) 483-1580.