Industrial vs Home Store Pressure Washers

If you’ve recently decided you need a pressure washer, you’re probably wondering whether you need to invest in the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City or could get away with buying a cheaper pressure washer from your local hardware store. While both options have the ability to get the job done, not all models perform the same. In this article, we will discuss industrial vs home store pressure washers to help you choose which one to purchase.

Industrial vs. Home Store Pressure WashersIndustrial vs Home Store

Once you have identified your need for a pressure washer, you will then need to consider a few factors, including how often you will use it, what surfaces you plan on cleaning and PSI output.



The first question to consider when choosing between the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City or home store pressure washer is how often you plan on using it. If you are looking to purchase one for personal use, a home store pressure washer may get you by just fine for occasional use. If you need one for commercial use, such as cleaning a warehouse, fleet, or equipment, then investing in an industrial pressure washer will be your best bet at getting the job done. If you need one for just a one-time use, then you can get a Kansas City best pressure washer rental from DSG. 



What you intend to clean is the second consideration you will need to make to help you determine what kind of pressure washer will be best for your needs.


PSI Output

While both industrial and home store models can clean the same surfaces, the PSI will determine the job quality. PSI typically ranges from 1000 to 4000. Home store pressure washer models tend to lie on the lower end of the PSI spectrum, while industrial models lie towards the higher end. As you can probably assume, the higher the PSI, the more pressure it will exert. If you plan on cleaning large areas or surfaces that have caked-on mud, graffiti, or any tough-to-clean surface, then investing in an industrial pressure washer or even the best cleaning equipment rental in Kansas City with a higher PSI is ideal.


Which One to Choose?

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a few factors to consider before making your purchase. Basically, if you need a pressure washer to use only every once in a while, such as less than five hours a week, and to clean light surfaces, then you can get away with a home store model. However, pressure washers that sit around and aren’t used often are more likely to rust and wear out. In that case, we suggest looking into a Kansas City cleaning equipment rental.

On the other hand, if you plan to use a pressure washer more than 20 hours per week and operate on heavy-duty surfaces, you will find that investing in the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City will serve you well. If you do choose an industrial pressure washer, then we suggest also purchasing the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City for an even higher-quality cleaning job.