How to Keep Your Pressure Washer Running Well 

When is it time to service your machine? If you answered when it breaks down, it’s too late. Without maintaining your equipment regularly, it will perform less effectively, efficiently and safely over time. Cleaning time and detergents increase to make up for equipment not performing to capacity. Eventually, your equipment runs until it breaks down, causing you DOWNTIME. Here are some tips to keep your machine running at peak performance. 

  1. Maintenance Before Usage

Before each use of the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, it’s recommended that you complete a general inspection of the machine. This includes checking for any possible leaks, the fuel and oil levels, the air filter, water inlet screen, and the hose. 

  1. Maintenance After Usage

After you have completed your cleaning job using the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City, it is crucial that it is shut down and properly stored away. Doing so will help prevent any damage that may occur over time. Always run water through the system to remove any excess mobile cleaning solutions. Ensure that all water is drained from the pressure hose and then make sure everything is disconnected from the industrial pressure washer. 

  1. Storing

How you store the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City is just as important in how you clean and maintain it. Store your pressure washer in a clean, dry location and away from equipment such as furnaces. We highly recommend a good fitting cover to place over your pressure washer to prevent dust. During the cold months make sure it’s winterized and stored in a place that won’t freeze up your machine.   

  1. Maintenance Yearly/Hourly Schedule

Check your machine’s manual to keep your best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City running at peak performance. The manufacturer recommends motor and pump oil be changed in a specific amount of hoursIt also recommends when the air and fuel filters be replaced to name a few. 

Maintaining the best industrial surface cleaner in Kansas Cityand other cleaning equipment, is key to its longevity and performanceAs we say at DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems, routine maintenance will allow you to identify any issues before they bring your business to a screeching halt. Fortunately, we know CLEAN, which is why we offer scheduled maintenance plans. With this plan, our skilled technicians will work with you to perform maintenance to keep the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City running. To learn more about our CLEAN Accountability Plan, or even the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City, contact us today!