How the Food Industry Cleans Conveyor Belts

Today, food safety and hygiene is a significant priority within the food industry. This includes ensuring the safety of equipment, food preparation methods, and the handling of food. One way food industry organizations process their products are with a conveyor. In order to follow food safety regulations and guidelines, conveyors must be kept clean and sterile. In this article, we’re going to discuss how the food industry cleans conveyor belts for safe food processing. We’re also going to discuss the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City and Kansas City industrial cleaning soaps you can find at DSG.

How the Food Industry Cleans Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Conveyors for food processing are in regular contact with loose or packed food. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for residue to be left behind during the conveyor process. If food residue is left unattended and the conveyor isn’t regularly cleaned, infectious bacteria and fungi can develop and ultimately contaminate food items on the conveyor.


Ways to Clean Conveyors

There are several methods for cleaning conveyor belts based on the level of contamination.

  • Manual– The first method is manual clean. This means manually sweeping, scrubbing, rinsing, wiping, etc. The manual method is much more time consuming and may not be the most ideal for a large factory with multiple conveyors.
  • Semi-Automatic– Conveyors in the food industry are often cleaned using semi-automatic methods. This includes vacuuming, spraying, dry vacuuming, and brushing. A common piece of equipment that cleans and disinfects conveyors is the Optima Steamer in Kansas City. At DSG, where we sell Kansas City Optima steam cleaners, we find steam cleaning to be very effective at obliterating dirt and sanitizing surfaces. It’s a great alternative to wet cleaning and doesn’t make a mess. There are many specialty tools out there that are designed to use with the Optima Steamer, such as the Conveyor Belt Tool, Vacuum-ready accessory.
  • Fully Automatic – A fully automatic method within the food industry is through the Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) process. It refers to the use of chemicals, heat, and water to thoroughly clean conveyors and other machinery without disassembling any equipment.


Cleaning Agents

For an optimal clean and disinfecting, cleaning agents are typically applied. At DSG, we sell a variety of cleaning agents for all types of industries, including the food industry. When cleaning conveyors, multiple substances are typically used, including acids, neutral agents, alkaline, and disinfectants. Two of the best industrial cleaning detergents in Kansas City that we offer at DSG is Carbochlor and Vital Oxide. Carbochlor is excellent at removing stubborn oils, dirts, and fats left behind on equipment, while Vital Oxide is a powerful and safe disinfectant.

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