Hotsy Accessories for Your Pressure Washer 

If you currently own, or have recently purchased the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City by Hotsy at DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems, there are many accessories available to clean efficiently. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best Hotsy accessories for your pressure washer, which you can also find on our website.

Hotsy Accessories Hotsy Accessories

Flex Wand 

The Hotsy Flex Wand is the best accessory for odd-angle cleaning. This wand has the ability to be molded in-hand to achieve an excellent cleaning job using the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City. 

Foam Cannon 

If you are using the best industrial cleaning soaps in Kansas City for cleaning, the foam cannon will help you see incredible results. Foam clings to dirty surfaces longer, ultimately allowing the soap to penetrate more completely. 

Hotsy 360° Pivot Base Hose Reel 

Is there anything more annoying than a long hose that is tangled? We sure think so, which is why this Hotsy accessory is designed for easy use, tangle-free pressure washing job. The reel mounts to any of the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City by Hotsy and allows you to reel in and store your hose easily.   

Trail Blazer Trailer 

The Trail Blazer Trailer makes moving your pressure washer easy. It comes with a 200-gallon water tank, a heavy-duty chassis, and a swing-away hinge and swivel jack tongue assembly. Specific models are required for the trailer. You can purchase the best pressure washer trailers in Kansas City at DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems 

Trigger Gun 

Need a higher pressure for your cleaning using the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City? Hotsy trigger guns are designed to meet the demands of high-pressure cleaning, as they are available in different configurations, including 5000 PSI, 3750 PSI, and 4500 PSI.  

Water Broom 

If you intend to clean your garage, driveway, or shop floor with the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City, then you need the Hotsy Water Broom. By using high-pressure, it helps push away dirt and grime off of the ground without splashing backward on your clean surface!