Here’s Why CLEAN is Important

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness has never been more critical than now. However, there’s more to keeping your work facility clean than just to minimize the spread of disease. Here’s why CLEAN is important for your business:

Here’s Why CLEAN is Important

Desired Workplace

Think about it – would you like to work for a company that has a dirty and unsanitary work environment? Probably not. The better you keep your business in tip-top shape and in pristine condition with Kansas City mobile cleaning solutions, people will more than likely view your business as a desired place to work.


Low Employee Turnover

For the majority of people in the workforce, their place of work is almost like their second home. Because they spend a decent amount of time at work, it’s important that their work environment is well maintained and sanitary. In turn, there will be less employee turnover compared to a company that is not clean. In fact, the cleaner your workplace is by using Kansas City industrial cleaning soaps, the more likely your employee will promote the company and encourage their friends to work there too.


Well-Maintained Equipment

Not only is keeping a work environment clean important but so is keeping your equipment and machines well maintained too. At DSG, we sell the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City and Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment and always emphasize the importance of maintaining equipment with professional cleaning supplies. While some industries may experience dirtier machines than others, it’s still critical to keep them preserved to avoid injuries.


Customers Feel Safe

Keeping your workplace clean is crucial for customers. A clean and sanitary environment will give your customers a feeling of trust and safety when they visit you. For instance, 60% of customers prefer a clean restaurant over speed, value, and convenience (Source: ISSA)! As you can tell, cleanliness is a superior component for customers.


Get CLEAN with DSG!

If you’re looking for the best cleaning equipment rental in Kansas City, contact DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems. We understand the importance of keeping things CLEAN and have the necessary equipment, such as the Optima Steamer in Kansas City, to keep your workplace well-maintained. Give us a call at (816) 483-1580 or email us at to learn more about the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City today!