Food Service

When handling food, the last thing you want is dirt or contamination from bacteria or other substances. DSG Industrial Cleaning Sytems understands the unique needs of these operations, and can help keep on top of the many demands of your business.

We carry a full line of steamers and food-safe detergents that can clean and sanitize while leaving behind a surface that’s safe for preparation of foodstuffs. We also offer a variety of cleaning options to handle dirt and grime on floors, in loading bays and on trailers, as needed by some regulations.

Take a bite out of grime and keep your operation running efficiently, effectively and safely with DSG.

Specialty Cleaning Products for Food Services

  • Hotsy pressure washers ensure surfaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized 
  • Portable LP gas-fired models are compact and made for use in narrow or confined spaces
  • Hot-water pressure washers can be modified with a steam valve and flow switch, allowing them to reach higher temperatures at lower pressures
  • Electronic ignition upgrade options are available
  • Hot-water models reach water temperatures hot enough to kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms
  • Numerous GPM and pressure configurations available to meet your needs

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