Five Uses for a Pressure Washer 

Have you ever seen a before and after of a pressure washing job? The results are incredible! Pressure washing is the act of spraying water under high-pressure to remove grime and dirt from surfaces that are difficult to clean. You can use a pressure washer on a variety of surfaces to clean a variety of things. Here are five uses for a pressure washer that you may consider.  

Five Uses for a Pressure Washer

Uses for Pressure Washer

Pressure washers make for excellent automobile cleaners. Whether you’re washing your everyday car, a school bus, or semi-truck, a pressure washer can clean even the muddiest of vehicles. However, because power washers elicit high pressure, it may not be suitable for some vehicles, like your everyday car. Instead, we recommend using the Optima Steam Cleaner by Steamericas. You can purchase products by Steamericas in Kansas City at DSG Industrial Cleaning Solutions. Additionally, for large industrial vehicles, we recommend Cuda parts washer in Kansas City for the cleaning and sanitizing of automotive parts. 

Home Exterior 

Even if you think the exterior of your home isn’t dirty, you’re wrong! Especially true for white homes, you’d be shocked at how dirty your homes’ siding actually is when you put a pressure washer to it! 

Decks and Fences 

Over time, wood changes color due to weather like rain and sun. Decks and fences are very common things to pressure wash. A pressure washer can help restore your deck and fence back to its original color! 


As you can imagine, removing spray paint is extremely difficult. One of the best ways to remove it is by pressure washing it away. To aid in the process of pressure washing, we recommend using the Taginator graffiti removal in Kansas City. You can use the Taginator graffiti remover in Kansas City on stone and masonry surfaces to help remove the most stubborn paint.  

Concrete and Brick 

Just like your home’s siding, you’d also be surprised at how dirty concrete and brick, like on your driveway, patio, or front entrance, can get. The color change is magnificent when a pressure washer is applied. The Taginator graffiti remover in Kansas City can also be used on concrete to remove spray paint. 

To learn more about the best pressure washers, parts washers like the Jenfab parts washer in Kansas City, and Taginator graffiti removal in Kansas City, give DSG Industrial Cleaning Solutions a call or visit our website.