Five Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance

If you are a business that relies heavily on equipment to keep your operation running efficiently, effectively and safely, you need a Scheduled Maintenance Plan (SMP). Studies show businesses that keep their equipment routinely maintained save costs in several areas of their business including labor, repairs, downtime and employee safety. DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems, Kansas City mobile cleaning solutions, identified several benefits of an SMP.

Five Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance

Preservation of Equipment

You researched and invested in machinery to save time and improve your operations, so make it last. As the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, DSG recommends following the manual’s guidelines to care for your equipment. For example, getting the pump oil changed on your pressure washer after the first 25 hours of operation keeps the machine cooled down. The sludge from dirty oil makes the pressure washer work harder, and like a car, it reduces its life span. Oil changes are just one check box on the SMP list that can make your capital investment last longer.

Detergent Cost Savings

DSG provides the best industrial cleaning soaps in Kansas City, but not all detergents/soaps are good for your pressure washer. Detergents that are not made for pressure washers, for example, can cause build up and corrosion in your coil and working parts. Eventually, the pressure washer starts running slower. Employees are cleaning longer, using more detergent. As a result, the cost of labor and detergents increase. Without the attention of a service expert, the coil can become clogged, requiring a service call, and possibly replacing the coil. Pressure washers that are maintained regularly will reduce the cost of large repairs, save labor hours washing and eliminate unnecessary detergent waste.

Increased Safety

You invested in best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City to create a much safer work environment for your employees. A well-maintained machine will reduce hazards for your employees. Keeping your equipment and facility clean will result in fewer injuries on site and make a more pleasant work environment.

More Reliability

You likely have other businesses relying on you to deliver products and services. Maintaining your Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment means your equipment will work properly when you need it and your company will be more dependable to your customers.

Decreased Downtime

When is the best time to service your equipment? Most people answer when it breaks. Downtime means your employee becomes unproductive and waits for the equipment to be serviced. There is generally an added cost if the part is to be expedited or if the part is unavailable the wait is longer. Are you able to serve your customer? Will you lose their business? The more efficiently your machinery is operating, the less downtime you will experience. A Scheduled Maintenance Plan reduces the time and cost of downtime.

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After learning about the many benefits of a Scheduled Maintenance Plan, we hope you will be proactive always ensuring your equipment is operating effectively, efficiently and safely. At DSG, we understand the importance of CLEAN. We are one of the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City. DSG can also help you make CLEAN a priority with our Scheduled Maintenance and CLEAN Accountability Plans. Give us a call at (816) 483-1580.