Direct Drive vs. Belt Drive Pressure Washers 

When shopping for the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, you’ll find yourself having to choose between either a Direct Drive or Belt Drive pressure washer. This is a question many customers are faced with and are unsure about what decision to make. To help with your decision on choosing the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City, we are going to discuss direct drive vs. belt drive, along with the pros and cons of each. 

Direct Drive Pressure Washer 

The two main benefits of direct drive are its compact, simple design and lower cost compared to belt drive. A direct drive pressure washer’s pump has a hollow tube that is mounted directly to the motor. The average motor speed is roughly 3450 RPM. One disadvantage of this design includes more wear and tear due to the pump spinning a lot, ultimately reducing its lifespan. Additionally, it can not draw water from the tank as well.  

Belt Drive Pressure Washer 

Rather than having the pump attached to the motor, like a direct drive, a belt drive pump is driven by the motor of the pressure washer by turning belts that are attached to a pulley. This puts much less stress on the engine and reduces pump fatigue. Belt drive pumps turn much slower than direct drive, with the RPM typically between 900 and 1400. Additionally, belt drives have a lower operating temperature, which also contributes to its longer lifespan. Disadvantages of a belt drive pressure washer include a loss of efficiency because of the friction of the pulley system, and more maintenance is required to keep the system up and running efficiently.  

Which One to Choose? 

Now that you know the difference between these two pressure washers, you are probably wondering which one you should choose. If you use the best industrial surface cleaner in Kansas City for casual use, such as your house, we suggest going with direct drive. On the other hand, the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City for industrial needs will be belt drive.  

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