Difference Between Hot and Cold Water Pressures 

So you’ve decided to invest in the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City. But which one do you get: a cold or hot one? Knowing the difference between hot and cold best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City is super important when making your decision. 

Cold Water Pressure 

If your purpose for purchasing the best industrial surface cleaner in Kansas City is to primarily remove dirt off surfaces, then cold water pressure washers are ideal. Cold water is very sufficient at blasting away dirt, sand, mud, and stripping paint. However, you will find you are relatively limited in how much you can actually clean with cold water.   

Hot Water Pressure 

Think about it – when you wash dishes, what temperature water is the most effective at disinfecting and cleaning the surfaces of the plates? If you answered hot, then you are correct. This is because hot water, unlike cold, actually cuts through grease instead of smearing it around. If your purpose for a pressure washer is to clean anything with oil and grease, such as engines or automotive parts, then purchasing the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City with hot water will serve you well.   

Need Both? 

Now that you know the difference between cold and hot water pressures, but realize you could actually benefit from both, which of these best pressure washer trailers in Kansas City should you choose? While we suggest going with hot water, Hotsy does offer a heating module that you can attach to a cold water pressure washer to convert cold water pressure to hot. If you want the heating module, DSG offers the best industrial parts washers in Kansas City for your needs. 

For advice on choosing a pressure washer and the best industrial cleaning soaps in Kansas City is best for you and your budget, our experts have the knowledge and training necessary to help you. So, don’t leave it to chance – leave it to the experts. Trust us. We know clean.