Difference Between Direct-Drive and Belt-Drive Pumps

When you are shopping around for the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, you will likely find yourself having to choose between one with a direct-drive pump or one with a belt-drive pump. In this article, we will discuss the difference between direct-drive and belt-drive pumps to help you out when you are looking for an industrial pressure washer. 

What is a Direct-Drive Pump? 


belt-drive pump  

A direct-drive pump has a compact design with a hollow shaft that slides onto the drive shaft of a motor or engine and is directly connected to the engine shaft.  The average motor speed is roughly 3450 RPM. Direct-drive pumps are very simple with little moving parts, making it a relatively inexpensive option. 

One disadvantage a direct-drive pump is that it receives its fair share of wear and tear due to the pump spinning just as much as the engine or motor. This ultimately reduces the lifespan of the pump. These pumps also have difficulty drawing water from a tank or standing water source since they spin so fast. However, they work well when water is forced into the pump. 

What is a Belt-Drive Pump? 


direct-drive pump

Rather than having the pump attach directly to the motor like a direct-drive pump, a belt-drive pump is driven by the motor of the pressure by turning belts that are attached to a pulley. You would likely find a belt-drive pump on a more heavy-duty industrial pressure washer because a belt-drive requires a gear reduction pulley system. These pressure washers also turn much slower than direct-drive, with the RPM typically between 900 and 1400, and have a lower operating temperature. This helps contribute to its longer lifespan. 

A disadvantage of a belt-drive pressure washer pump is some loss of efficiency because of the pulley system’s friction. Plus, more maintenance is required to keep the system up and running well. However, you will likely get the longest pump life with a belt-drive. 


Find the Best Industrial Pressure Washer at DSG 

Now that you know the difference between direct-drive and belt-drive pumps, which one should you choose? If you are going to use a pressure washer around your house for casual cleaning, then we would recommend going with a direct-drive. For more industrial usage, a belt-drive pump would be your best choice. Hotsy manufactures their own pumps, so whether you choose a direct drive or a belt drive model, every Hotsy includes a seven year, non-prorated warranty on the back end (non-wearable) of the pump

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