Detergent Recommendations


Hotsy's best all-purpose detergent
Highly concentrated with dilution ratio of 150 to 1. Whether removing grease or cleaning a finely painted automobile, Breakthrough! is the best all around “go to” detergent. Breakthrough’s high foaming action attacks dead oxidized paint and can be used in hard and cold water applications.
Hotsy's most economical detergent for vehicles
If it has wheels, Transport is the detergent of choice. Autos, buses, motor homes, mobile homes, tractor trailers are just a few applications for this economical liquid detergent. Great when used as a pre-spray for engine compartment cleaning and safe on all painted surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum and glass.
Hoty's best heavy-duty degreaser
Ripper 1 is specially formulated for degreasing heavy equipment and hard to remove road film on tractor trailers, end loaders, excavators and back hoes, yet still safe on painted surfaces. Non-caustic and user-friendly.
Hoty's best detergent for oil field cleaning
A degreasing detergent specially formulated for the oil field that also works great on oil soaked or stained surfaces such as, frames and equipment. A non-Butyl based product that works good in cold water, Hotsy Brown is a caustic based product and should not be used on fine painted surfaces or magnesium, galvanized or aluminum.
Hoty's answer to aluminum cleaning
This highly concentrated acid with dilution ratios up to 20 to 1, attacks oxidized aluminum leaving a “like new” look to the surface after the initial application. Not to be used on new aluminum or aluminum that is not oxidized.
Environmentally-friendly general purpose cleaner
A unique blend of environmentally preferred chemicals that provide great cleaning capabilities in all water conditions and all water temperatures. Superior foaming and fast-rinsing provide great results while saving money and the environment.
Hotsy's answer to removing salt and de-icing solutions
Salt Lick is formulated to remove salt, calcium chloride and de-icing solution used on winter roads by breaking down the cyrstalline structure of ice melt products and prevents them from re-cystalizing so they can be washed away. Salt Lick is a dual-purpose concentrated detergent attacking heavy soils and road film.
Hotsy's #1 choice for cleaning food preparation areas
A special emulsifying formula with high powered bleach for food processing plants. Excellent on tough odors, stains, dirt, oils and fats left behind on equipment, floors, and walls. NSF recognized for use in Federally Inspected food plants.
Removes green concrete from trucks & tools
A fast acting acidic product that when applied to ready mix trucks, forms and tools softens dried concrete splatter allowing it to be rinsed away with a hot or cold water pressure washer. Con-B-Gone’s foaming formula makes application over large areas quick and easy. A Hotsy Foamer increases dwell time and maximizes end results!
Hoty's heavy-duty automatic parts washer detergent
A phosphate-free, biodegradable, super-concentrated liquid. Works great with automatic detergent injectors; can be automatically metered into aqueous parts washers. Quick oil release and solvent free. Heavy duty rust and corrosion inhibitor package protects against flash rusting; defoamers reduce foam in your aqueous parts washer.
Hoty's easy-to-use liquid graffiti remover
The #1 alternative to sand blasting or painting over unsightly graffiti. Designed for use on exterior brick, masonry and concrete surfaces. Deep-penetrating and fast-acting for effective and thorough loosening of spray paint graffiti and easy removal of graffiti from the surface being treated.
"Beefs" up the cleaning action of any Hotsy soap
This citrus-based detergent additive increases any detergent's cleaning and degreasing power and is a great degreaser in its own right, plus it also enhances rinsing. Contains d-limonene which is a great “natural” degreaser.

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