Design Services – Wash Bay/Trailer

A well-designed wash bay can make cleaning fleet vehicles and heavy equipment a breeze and provides a solution for controlling and managing wastewater.

Let the experts at DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems help you with custom design services. Whether you’re looking to design a brand-new wash bay for use at your facility or a portable pressure washer trailer or cleaning vehicle to take CLEAN on the road, our experienced design team can help you find the perfect solution.

Wash Bay Design

A well-designed wash bay can make cleaning fleet vehicles and heavy equipment a breeze. Configure a wash bay with central industrial cleaning equipment and industrial cleaning detergent tanks, making it easy to maintain your equipment and replace and refill cleaning solutions. Connect your system with elevated trolley systems to make it easy to access all sides of a vehicle, or use self-retracting hose coils to ensure that your lines are well managed and kept secure between washing cycles.

Creating a wash bay also allows you to plan a solution for controlling and managing wastewater. Choose to channel water through drainage grates built into the floor or through water channels surrounding your wash area. You can also centrally locate a full water treatment system, allowing you to recover water for reuse in the wash cycle or remove chemical wastes for proper disposal.

Mobile Cleaning Trailers and Vehicles

Hotsy employee working on a trailer

Let DSG custom-build mobile cleaning solutions for your business.

If you’re looking to design a full-solution cleaning vehicle, we can help with a truck or van configuration. We offer a number of different industrial pressure washers and fluid storage tanks to take all the cleaning power, water and industrial cleaning detergents needed on the road. Looking for something that can tow and go? Design a mobile wash trailer on up to three axles.

We can help you find the right hot- or cold-water pressure washer to get the job done, and ensure you have enough water to completely CLEAN, with water tank options ranging from 225 to 1,000 gallons. Convenient additional options like hose reels, electric braking, tool boxes, lights, detergent tanks and wastewater recovery can also be configured, depending on your needs.

Let DSG Design a Solution for You

You can’t spell “design” without “DSG,” so let our team help you make sure your mobile cleaning unit or wash bay offers all the features and capabilities you need. Give us a call today at (816) 483-1580 to get started.

Customize Your System for Mobile Washing

We provide the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City for washing on the go! Not sure if you can afford it? Please start by completing your wish list on the form below and we’ll give you a call with pricing. We can mount pressure washers on a truck, van or single, double or flatbed trailer.