Construction is hard work – it’s also dirty work. No matter what you’re building, construction equipment and tools see more than their fair share of soils. From grease and oil to dirt, dust and mud to sawdust, paint and other debris, there’s no shortage of grime that can affect your gear.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for every soil and you can find it at DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems. We carry a full range of industrial pressure washers, industrial parts washers, industrial cleaning detergents and more to help you clean up after every job and make sure your equipment and tools look good and run well.

Build up your cleaning arsenal and stay on top of the dirt that can impact productivity and performance with the help of DSG.

Specialty Cleaning Products for Construction

  • Choose from more than 80 pressure washer models
  • Hot-water, gas-engine machines are easy to mount on trailers or truckbeds for mobile cleaning solutions at any job site
  • Use LP or natural gas units for equipment storage rooms or as part of your wash bay configuration
  • Select a portable oil-fired unit for use in multiple locations
  • Gas-engine, belt-drive units can draw water up to 12 feet, or are easily adapted to use with water tanks, tanker trucks or collection and retention ponds
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