Cold Water Pressure Washers – What You Need To Know

If you’re shopping around for a Kansas City best pressure washer rentalor one to purchase, you’ll quickly find that there are both hot and cold water pressure washers available. But how are you supposed to know which temperature of water is ideal for your cleaning project? Here at DSG, where we offer a line of the best Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment, we’re going to tell you what to know about cold water pressure washers.

Cold Water Pressure Washers – What You Need To Know

Cold Water Pressure Washers – Why Cold Water?

Water temperature is a significant factor in the outcome of a cleaning project. Think of, for example, when you clean greasy dishes. Turning the water temperature to hot is what will give you a more effective clean due to its ability to reduce surface tension on oily surfaces. On the other hand, using the best cleaning equipment rental in Kansas City with cold water will break up dirt and soil the best.


Benefits of Cold Water

The first advantage of a cold water pressure washer system is that it is much cheaper than hot water. A hot water pressure washer is more complex and typically requires more preventive maintenance. If you need a pressure washer for simple tasks such as blasting away caked-on mud, dirt, or even to strip away paint, a cold water pressure washer will do the job just fine. Combined with Kansas City mobile cleaning solutions, cold water pressure washers are very effective. Lastly, every cold water pressure washer designed by Hotsy comes with a 7-year pump warranty!


Best Industrial Cleaning Equipment in Kansas City at DSG

If you’re looking for the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, DSG offers a comprehensive range of cold and hot water pressure washers, steam cleaners, accessories, and the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City. Shopping for cleaning equipment has never been easier!