CLEAN Accountability Program

The CLEAN Accountability Plan is a commitment by both you and the team at DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems to help you achieve the best results with your cleaning operations and equipment performance.

You want your facilities and your capital equipment to be productive, effective and efficient. So do we.

When’s the right time to call for service? If you said “When it’s broken,” that’s wrong – by then, it’s already too late. Over time and with hours of use, pressure washers naturally begin to use more water and heat less effectively, resulting in a longer cleaning time and less efficient clean. Our CLEAN Accountability Plan aims to keep your equipment working like new every time you pick up the wand.

Five Steps to CLEAN

Make DSG accountable for CLEAN within your operations. Our plan will include:

  1. Equipment and systems tuneup
  2. Ongoing performance of scheduled maintenance
  3. Recommended accessories to more effectively achieve CLEAN
  4. Using the right chemicals for each application
  5. Operator training and safety certification

Get Started With a Call

Receive a customized CLEAN Accountability Plan from the technicians at DSG. We can schedule a visit at a time that’s convenient for you and review your whole operation, from your current equipment condition to your types of cleaning jobs and usage demands. We work to tailor a plan to meet your needs and ensure that you can work more effectively and efficiently more of the time.

Request your CLEAN Accountability Plan today by calling DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems at (816) 483-1580.

We know CLEAN and that means we can help you get the best results and keep you working efficiently, effectively and safely more of the time.