Boost First Impressions of Your Business

Have you ever considered entering a business, but changed your mind about going in when you noticed how dirty it appeared on the outside? We can likely assume you have. First impressions play a significant role in whether or not someone enters a business, and cleanliness is often the first contributing factor. It reassures a nervous customer that your establishment is COVID-19 safe. If you’re a business owner looking to boost first impressions of your business, here are a few ways to do so with the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City.

SG1 C Bp Gum Remover

Have you ever sat in theater seat with gum on it or stepped in it on the sidewalk? If you’re looking for Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment to remove gum on surfaces in your workplace, we suggest the SG1 C Bp Gum Remover from Karcher. This machine works by vaporizing gum with the biodegradable vegetable extract that heats up debonding agents, dissolving gum without leaving any residue!

Hot and Cold Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are one of the best solutions to cleaning nearly anything! Whether you choose hot or cold water will depend on what you are cleaning. For example, a hot water pressure washer is ideal for cleaning caked-on grime, oils, and greases that are difficult to remove. Meanwhile, a cold-water pressure washer is best for cleaning dirt and grime off surfaces.

Come into our shop or give us a call today and we’ll help you find the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City for your cleaning job.

Hotsy A+ Flat Surface Cleaner

If the floors in your business are your biggest cleaning challenge you face, have no fear. The Hotsy A+ Flat Surface Cleaner is the best solution to producing an even and consistent cleaning path while using a pressure washer. This stainless steel accessory uses small nozzles on a spinning arm to help save you time, water, and effort.

Best Industrial Cleaning Detergents in Kansas City

Here at DSG, we carry a full range of Kansas City industrial cleaning soaps and detergents to tackle any cleaning project. Looking for an EPA-approved disinfectant that is effective at removing traces of COVID-19? Vital Oxide and Danolyte are powerful and safe disinfectants to use on all surfaces. Have graffiti on the outside of your building you need removed? Try the Taginator. Need to restore the look of aluminum surfaces in your building? We suggest Aluminum Brightener by Hotsy.

Don’t turn away customers because of the condition of your business. Whatever your cleaning need is, we have a solution! No one understands CLEAN more than us, which is why we are here to provide our expertise on everything from the best mobile cleaning solutions in Kansas City to the best detergents and machinery. Call us at (816) 483-1580 today!