Best Ways to Clean Flat Surfaces

After the dirt and grime that winter weather brings, spring is the best time to clean flat surfaces, such as your deck, patio, and driveway. Whether you’ve got dirt and mud to wash away on your sidewalk or salt residue on your driveway, Hotsy has an exceptional line of accessories for cleaning flat surfaces. For your spring cleaning, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to clean flat surfaces.

Best Ways to Clean Flat Surfaces

Flat Surface Cleaner

Along with the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City, the next most effective cleaning method is Hotsy’s flat surface cleaner. This accessory attaches to a pressure washer and rolls over dirty surfaces. With DSG’s Kansas City industrial surface cleaner, you squeeze the handle and wheel the device over the area you want to clean – just like a lawnmower. A flat surface cleaner is designed to cut cleaning time in half compared to only using a pressure washer on its own.

Specialty Nozzles

There are a variety of pressure washer nozzles available to better direct the flow of water and the pressure it gives off. Nozzles range in pressure and directional spray, depending on your cleaning project. Check out our guide (link to blog) on choosing the right nozzle for the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas Cityfor the most optimal clean.

Kansas City Industrial Cleaning Soaps

Water can only get you so far with a pressure washer, which is why DSG offers a full range of Kansas City industrial cleaning soaps. There are detergents for different kinds of cleaning, such as grease, odor elimination, and bacteria. Basically, there is a detergent solution for every type of cleaning project.

Get Help from DSG

DSG carries a variety of products and accessories for your cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking for the best industrial surface cleaner in Kansas Cityor the best industrial cleaning soaps in Kansas City, the team at DSG is here to help you find the perfect solution. For more information regarding our products, contact us today at (816) 483-1580 or