Best Machine for Cleaning Small Engine Parts

Small and complex engine parts can be difficult to clean so it’s vital for an automotive industry to have a Kansas City parts washer that can efficiently do the job. Parts washing has evolved over time and aqueous solutions offer a safe and effective clean that also meets specific regulations for automotive industries. So what aqueous parts washer in Kansas City is the most effective for cleaning small engine parts? Here are a few washers that will help to better determine the best machine for cleaning small engine parts.

Best Machine for Cleaning Small Engine Parts

Large Rotary Drum Parts Washer

The large rotary drum parts washer processes very high volumes of parts ranging from small and complex to large. So those tricky small engine parts can quickly be cleaned in large quantities depending on your industry’s needs. This Kansas City industrial parts washer offers a heavy-duty energy efficient modular design to thoroughly clean and dry delicate parts. Additionally, this machine has the capability to add the application of an in-line Kansas City parts washer. It can be a challenge and dry automotive parts prior to automated welding and assembly. With the large rotary drum parts washer, you can cut time by combining two washers into one compact in-line design.

Vertical Agitation Washer With Basket Rotation 

Vertical agitation with basket rotation is ideal for cleaning cup shaped parts, blind holed parts and machines parts with complex geometries. Chips and oil will be constantly flushed away as the parts are continually filled with a solution, emptied and refilled. Rotation combined with vertical agitation produces the most powerful cleaning action. Furthermore, to help improve the small engine parts cleaning process, you can add the application of high volume immersion cleaning of automotive stampings. This application efficiently improves and eliminates customer rejection of undesirably processed parts. This application cleans aluminum, brass, and steel inserts as well as high volume screened machine parts.

Belt Conveyor Spray Washer

The belt washer is a compacted energy efficient parts cleaning system. The smaller design offers a simple-to-use and low maintenance option that is beneficial for the small automotive engine parts. Designed for in-line cleaning of machined parts, stampings, cold headed and deep drawn parts. The belt washer offers up to three tanks for washing, rinsing and rust proofing. Additionally, the energy efficient dryer incorporates a regenerative blow off with stainless steel air knives. To benefit your automotive industry more, consider additional options for better quality cleaning. A helpful application you can add to clean small engine parts is an inline washer to clean powder metal parts. This application will remove chips, oil, and dust from sintered powder metal parts with a three lane in-line spray washer featuring quick adjustable guides. This machine with the application will save your facility floor space while providing the best quality clean to your small engine parts.

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