Your delivery, service or other fleet vehicles are a vital part of your operations. They get the work done, of course, but they also serve as mobile billboards to promote your brand. Make sure they continue to run well and look great when you work with DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems.

At DSG, we know CLEAN – and that’s more than just making your vehicles look good. Grease, mud, road grime and more do more than impact the look of a vehicle – they can lead to premature wear, tear and repair. CLEAN helps you work more efficiently, effectively and safely, and aims to ensure your fleet keeps dirt at bay.

Find out more and about CLEAN and get the gear you need at DSG.

Specialty Cleaning Products for Automotive

  • Powerful Hotsy pressure washers blast away grease and grime from your fleet vehicles
  • Choose from compact units using a variety of fuel sources
  • Design a wash bay to make cleaning automobiles faster and easier
  • Concentrated industrial cleaning detergents can save money and connect to wash bay systems for automatic dilution
  • Portable pressure washer trailers offer mobile cleaning solutions, allowing you to take CLEAN on the road
  • Custom vehicle design options available to help with creating your own mobile wash trucks or vans
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